Our first step in putting together a concise action plan for you is to carry out an extensive survey of the villa. This includes a review of all indoor and outdoor common areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, housekeeping stores, kitchen, storage facilities, staff area, gardens, pool facilities, rubbish room and any other areas on the property. In addition, We review any external services (such as laundry) or contracted labor agreements to ensure they are working in your best interests and providing the best value for money. This information assists us in developing a comprehensive action plan to improve or upgrade your villa services and operation.

In addition, we will interview and evaluate your staff to ensure they have a full understanding of your operation, procedures and practices. This may highlight further training required, or the development of an ongoing training plan to ensure a high standard of customer service delivery at all times. This will be discussed with the owner and should changes need to be made to your team, we can assist with:

  • the recruitment and selection process for new staff and
  • the development of customized employment contracts that clearly outline your requirements and expectations.

Our focus is to ensure your villa provides an outstanding customer experience leading to repeat bookings and recommendations, along with delivering efficient and cost-effective operations.   This includes developing or refining operating procedures and maintenance programs, and that staff are correctly trained and have the necessary tools to continually refresh and improve their skills and knowledge.

Action Plan

Once the survey has been completed, we will develop an action plan made up of a series of recommendations to upgrade operations and services along with a suggested course of action. It is important not to overload the staff with too many changes at one time, so we will work with them at a comfortable pace so they understand how these procedures will assist with improving their day to day operations. This will minimize the impact of any changes and ensure a smooth transition to more efficient operations.

Once the housekeeping, pantry and storage areas have been reorganized and the training completed, we will implement procedures and SOP’s for future reference. “Quickfire” Checklists will be revised or developed which can be used daily by staff when cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas so no task is missed and standards are maintained.


We can also develop monthly schedules to assist with the flow of service so the staff are able to reinforce a sense of teamwork and collaborate effectively to provide the best possible service for the guests. Schedules for each area provide a checklist for tasks that need to be completed each month, such as:

  • deep cleaning for each villa and bathroom
  • deep cleaning for common areas including pool bales, dining area and cinema room
  • deep cleaning for linen store, and laundry drop off and pickup area
  • gardening schedule (mowing lawns, removal of dead foliage, fertilizing and fogging)
  • pool areas (cleaning, chemical store supplies, filter maintenance etc.)
  • linen inventory and amenity stock levels.

Operational Review

As part of our ongoing service while changes are implemented and in operation, we will hold a weekly meeting on site with the Villa Manager to:

  • review operations over the previous seven days and
  • conduct a walk-through of all areas (making sure not to disrupt the guests) to check all progress.

Weekly plans will be established regarding maintenance, with checks and services provided to ensure that the villa runs efficiently and effectively. Guest feedback, daily briefings, diary entries and staff queries will also be addressed.

The weekly meeting may take between one and two hours and following this, a detailed update will be provided to the Manager and Owner so everyone is kept up to date.

Guest Relations & Services

It is important that the first contact with guests be a memorable one, as this will set tone for their visit. It is an opportunity for the Villa Manager to understand exactly what they are wanting from their stay and then communicate this effectively with all staff to ensure they are able to meet the expectations of all guests staying at the villa. This includes any dietary requirements, suggested activities and dining options, children’s activities and child minding etc.

Prior to the guests arriving, the Chef must be informed of any allergies so they can plan ahead. If there are children staying, then child-friendly menus can be offered and child minding arranged with activities to keep them occupied should the guests want to dine outside the villa. This may require a booking to be made and transportation supplied.


Housekeeping is one of the major areas that can be improved by streamlining tasks and training. Offering reference tools such as SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), detailed checklists for the cleaning of each area and deep cleaning schedules will not only save time but assist in ensuring all tasks are completed correctly, resulting in an efficient working environment and consistently high standards of service.

Additional Services

In addition to reviewing your operations, we are pleased to offer some ancillary services to ensure you provide not only outstanding service but an exceptional guest experience as well. These services are in addition to those detailed above and we would be pleased to provide a separate quotation to meet your requirements.

Menu Planning & Hospitality Training

We can offer additional staff training and menu planning for the chef and service team which includes:

  • food handling and hygiene standards for kitchen staff
  • training in cooking techniques
  • meal and beverage preparation
  • hygiene standards
  • stock control
  • food and drinks storage and
  • kitchen and service SOP’s

We can develop menus for you that offer guests a variety of ‘set breakfast options’ in rotation providing a wider variation of dishes, as well as a list of poolside snacks, light lunch choices and family style dining experiences. Food and beverage training will ensure your staff are aware of the correct way to serve food, pour drinks, mix cocktails and press juices.

Guest Services Directory

We can customize and develop a Guest Services Directory for each bedroom and salon area which will add value to the guest experience. The directory provides a summary of Balinese culture and includes tips on how to honor the islands customs and religious celebrations and holidays. It can also include details on how to operate the TV and stereo equipment, meal service options, tips on money changing, medical and dental recommendations, villa regulations and general standards. The directory also lists additional staff services, mini bar options or deli list costs (if applicable), dining and activity recommendations and holiday guidelines. Simply contact us to discuss your options.

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