Menu Development, Costing & Engineering

Menu Design

Developing the right menu and feeling confident that it will meet your vision is critical to the success of your business, whether it be a single restaurant or café or a series of food outlets in a hotel complex or resort. The most important factor is to serve the highest quality food and beverage requirements and to always meet your guests needs and expectations.

Our menu design includes:

  • a wide range of dishes to make up a diverse yet balanced menu
  • consideration for the supply of imported or unseasonal items needed to create certain dishes
  • options to cater for special dietary requirements and allergies such as, gluten free (celiac), vegan, Paleo
  • specialty menus for catered events (weddings) and special occasions (honeymoons)
  • interesting options for children
  • raw food and organic menus for the spa
  • cooking classes

An important aspect of menu design is to ensure that it complements the surroundings and interior design of your venue – whether it be a signature restaurant, relaxed club lounge area, casual dining by the pool or in-room villa dining.

We would be happy to discuss with you various menu options that could really add value to your restaurant or cafe and become your signature dishes.

Menu Costing

Menu costing is the most important consideration when designing a profitable menu. We have a well-established and successful four step plan that we implement to ensure we provide an accurate costing for each dish on the menu.

We also take into consideration seasonal produce, price increases and availability of ingredients, particularly imported items. Once we calculate the cost per menu item, we recommend how much you should charge for each dish to meet your monthly targets.

Importantly, we will provide a list of reputable suppliers and liaise with them to ensure that they can consistently meet your requirements.

Getting the menu and costings right before you commence operation or when reviewing your menu, is critical to the ongoing success of your project. To discuss how we can add value to your menu and to share examples of cost-effective menu options and to develop a realistic pricing policy, simply contact us.

Menu Engineering

An important aspect of managing your menu successfully is understanding how well each dish is performing. This is called ‘menu engineering’ and it is critical to the long-term sustainability of your food outlet.

FOCUS on hospitality will work with you to analyze the daily revenue reports and monthly summaries and review how well the various dishes are being received. From this analysis decisions can be made about the profitability of each dish and whether it should be replaced on the menu.

At all times our focus is on ensuring your outlet is successful and that your customers have an outstanding ‘guests experience’ ensuring referrals, recommendations and repeat visits.

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