Quotation Process & Analysis – Selection of Suppliers

By working closely with your architect to understand the allocated space and surrounding areas, we will design a kitchen/bar that reflects your concept and operationally allows for the successful flow of works.

Once the design is approved we will develop a list of required equipment and their dimensions which we then forward, along with the design, to a number of preferred ‘kitchen/bar equipment specialists’ to submit a quotation.

Depending on the size of the project quotations may take between two to four weeks to receive. We will analyze and compare all quotations and provide you with a report and our recommendation for the successful supplier.

Once the kitchen/bar equipment specialist has been appointed they will provide a technical drawing to the builder identifying the required locations for water, gas, electricity, fire suppression, drainage, grease traps and exhaust for engineering. These will be installed prior to the delivery and installation of all equipment.

Focus on Hospitality can manage this entire process for you along with developing a schedule of works and installation methodology.

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