Kitchen & Bar

Whether designing a kitchen and/or bar for a restaurant, eating house or café or a number of hospitality outlets across a large project, the most important element to consider is the ‘flow of works’. It is critical that the design of these areas allows staff to service and move freely around the various areas. This leads to greater efficiency, safety of operations and ultimately more effective customer service.

Our design incorporates all the areas necessary to achieve this such as:

  • the receiving area for the delivery of goods,
  • dry storage and cool-room facilities
  • positioning of cooking equipment whether it be a ‘show kitchen’ or within the main kitchen area and how it is linked to the flow of service
  • scullery
  • bakery
  • butchery
  • cold kitchen
  • food preparation spaces
  • beverage dispensary
  • chef’s office
  • steward’s office (for room service)
  • waste disposal

Taking all of these areas into consideration, a design is prepared and discussed with the development team. Once approval is given it is distributed to the ‘kitchen and bar equipment specialists’ along with a suggested list of equipment we believe is required to achieve this goal.

We would be pleased to discuss with you some kitchen and bar designs we have already completed and implemented, so that you gain a better understanding of the importance of the flow of works and how this may impact on your project.

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